Yum Maracas App Reviews

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Thisapp is so cute!!! I love it!!!!

haha I lovee it.

lol it's kinda pointless, but it works and it's free. plus the little things are cute :D it's annoying though, if you have your iTouch in your pocket, and this app somehow starts up so it makes it sound like you've got maracas in your pants when you run... o_o

Great Work!!

These maracas are great!! Also the addition of Yummy makes it all the more funny...Truly well designed musical instrument and not just noise maker.


Very unresponsive it doesn't shake when you shake it, they need to sit down and so some reprogramming until it shakes like a shaker - otherwise what's the point?

not a shaker per se

it doesn't work like a real shaker, of that's what you were hoping for. more like a thing that plays irregularly-timed shaker noises. cute though i guess?


My 3 year old likes it, but that's about it.

Fun...for a minute

Cute app!! But it becomes borting after a few shakes -_-


This game is so cute but there's nothing really to do


Probily the greatest app ever

Fun and Cute at the same time!

I have to say this one is REALLY fun to play with. I'm a fan of the Yum series and YumMaracas is sure in my top 3. My friends and I shake the pink one as a stress reliever :P it's fun, cute and it works :D! My boyfriend was having fun with the blue one lol!


My kids love poking this pinky one!

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